Jonathan Penny DO, Principal Osteopath

Jonathan Penny DO, Principal Osteopath

Jonathan Penny, DO, Principal Osteopath

Jonathan trained at the British School of Osteopathy in London.  He graduated in 1989, after completing the full time four year course and gained a Diploma in Osteopathy (DO).  

He uses a predominantly structural approach to treatment and incorporates the use of customised orthotics where appropriate. In 2006 he completed a course in dry needling techniques, which he is now able to incorporate into his treatments.

He has a special interest in treating animals, and has completed several post-graduate courses in osteopathy for dogs and for horses over the past 30 years.  

He undertakes monthly osteoporosis screening clinics and treats frozen shoulders using the Niel Asher Technique.

Christopher Aust, Associate Osteopath

Christopher Aust, Associate Osteopath

Christopher Aust, BOst

Chris studied at The British School of Osteopathy in London, graduating in 2009 and gaining a Bachelor of Osteopathy (BOst) degree. After graduating, Chris practised in London, alongside physiotherapists at a multi-disciplinary clinic, before moving back to the West Country in 2010.   

Chris has completed post-graduate studies in cranial osteopathy and, where appropriate, incorporates gentle cranial techniques into his overall treatment plan, which includes structural techniques (soft tissue massage, stretches, joint articulation/manipulation) and advice on home exercises and pain management.

Michael JH Brown, Associate Osteopath

Michael JH Brown, Associate Osteopath

Michael JH Brown, MOst

Michael holds a Master of Osteopathy (MOst) degree with Distinction from Oxford Brookes University and has practised in a range of medical settings. Osteopathy provides an opportunity to meet interesting people, whilst making a real difference - something that gives Michael a great deal of satisfaction. 

Michael uses techniques including massage, mobilisation and manipulation as well as much gentler osteopathic approaches. As Michael is also a qualified acupuncturist, many of his patients benefit from a combined approach. 

Michael's practice focuses on adults of all ages. He has developed a particular interest in working with patients who suffer restless leg syndrome, a persistent clinical condition which often responds well to osteopathic management. Michael strives to help patients make appropriate, simple changes to their daily routine, with a view to reducing their symptoms. 

Sally Bonnell, Associate Osteopath

Sally Bonnell, Associate Osteopath

Sally Bonnell, BOst

Sally studied at the London School of Osteopathy, gaining a Batchelor’s degree with Honours in Osteopathy (BOst). During her final year she worked in the specialist baby and child clinic, utilising her cranial osteopathic skills.

Having a love of sport, and once representing GB in hockey and modern pentathlon, Sally originally completed a degree specialising in sports medicine prior to becoming an osteopath. 

As well as working at the Clinic, Sally works as an osteopath alongside professional athletes from Bath and Bristol who train at CrossFit Bath. Sally’s main treatment focus is predominantly a structural one, where she incorporates her knowledge and interests in other areas to provide a personal treatment plan.

She is qualified in Dry Needling and as a Level 3 ITEC Sports Massage Therapist.

Ruth Haskew, Associate Osteopath

Ruth Haskew, Associate Osteopath

Ruth Haskew, MOst

Ruth qualified with a Masters degree (MOst) from the British School of Osteopathy in 2016, relocating to Wiltshire after several years practising in Suffolk. Ruth worked initially in education and the charity sector, and then retrained to pursue her long held interest in the moving body and health care. This originated in her teenage years spent training and competing nationally in Tae Kwon Do, where Osteopathy greatly aided her performance and injury recovery.

Osteopathic treatment is tailored to the whole person, not just to symptoms. Ruth aims to give patients a clear understanding of their problem and recovery time, working collaboratively to find a plan for self-care, in addition to gentle hands on treatment. Ruth can also utilise medical Acupuncture as a part of her treatment.

Ruth’s particular interests include older adults & arthritis, pregnancy-related pain and chronic pain. However, as an experienced Sports Massage Therapist and Osteopath, Ruth has worked with a wide variety of people from office workers, the elderly, in palliative care, and with expectant mothers and athletes. She has worked both in clinic and on endurance cycling and running events since 2012.

Ruth is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.


Complementary Therapists

Claire McFarlane, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Claire McFarlane, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Claire McFarlane, Dip IIST, Dip IIHHT

Claire offers relief and aids recovery to those suffering from strain or injury.  Using a range of therapies, she is able to hasten recovery time from an injury, improve flexibility and reduce risk of further damage and bring relief to work or leisure related strains. For sports enthusiasts, she can assist with enhancing performance, pre-event preparation and post event recovery.

Claire has been involved in the fitness and sports industry since 1998. This started with her own love of sport - mainly cycling and running. Claire has undertaken a range of training and has gained a Diploma from the International Institute of Sports Therapy and Diploma from International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies.

In addition to traditional massage technique, Claire offers Ultrasound Therapy and Interferential Stimulation. 

Ghislaine Ingman, Acupuncturist

Ghislaine Ingman, Acupuncturist

Ghislaine Ingman, BSc (Hons), LicAc

Ghislaine has a BSc Honours Degree in acupuncture and a licence to practise. She is affiliated with the British Acupuncture Council, which is the governing body for acupuncture in the UK.  She is bound by their strict Codes of Practice.

Ghislaine’s journey with acupuncture began when she had a series of acupuncture treatments and was astonished by the effects, and how it improved her quality of life. This spurred her on to read about acupuncture, eventually undertaking a three and a half year degree course to become a practitioner. 

“I am passionate about acupuncture and am still surprised by its amazing results. I want to help others in the way that my acupuncturist helped me.”


Anthony Wilson, Hypnotherapist

Anthony Wilson, Hypnotherapist

Anthony Wilson

Anthony qualified as a stress management consultant and a hypnotherapist after 2 years’ study at the Association of Stress Management in Derby where he obtained a fellowship. Then he completed a two-year BAC counselling course at Swansea College under the aegis of Newport University to Certification level.

Following several traumas in his life and being a single parent to two children, he is well placed to offer extended empathy and understanding of clients’ problems.

He has treated thousands of clients from 3-94 years of age and particularly enjoys working with most common phobias, PTSD and childhood problems.

One to one consultations are the norm, although Anthony is happy for clients to bring a friend or relation for support.

Anthony is an avid walker and has a great love of nature. He advocates regular exercise to all his clients and embraces long walks in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside as a member of the Ramblers. He also practises yoga weekly.

Voted among the top 10 hypnotherapists in Britain by the Independent and The Hypnotherapy Association (of which he is a member) means you can rest assured that you will receive professional, ethical care and attention.