Animal Osteopathy

Osteopathy for Animals

It is not uncommon to find that your pet has pain that does not respond to normal medication from your vet. Often these animals have problems similar to the ones that people suffer, that can be painful and disabling. These conditions range from back pain, neck pain and lameness to degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis. If these conditions have been longstanding, there may well be an apparent change in your pet's nature, often becoming lethargic and withdrawn.

Jonathan Penny has been treating animals for more than 25 years, with some very good results. He initially studied with the late Antony Pusey, at the British School of Osteopathy, who was a pioneer in this field, being well known in equine and canine circles, including treating the horses of the Royal Household Cavalry. Over a period of several years, Jonathan studied with him and also with Amanda Sutton, who looked after the British Olympic horses at the time. He has completed six post-graduate courses in the treatment of animals.

Since completing his first postgraduate course in canine osteopathy in 1990, Jonathan has introduced osteopathy for animals into his general practice, and regularly treats horses and dogs, and occasionally alpacas, cats and other animals. 

Jonathan works in conjunction with the vets at three local surgeries. Treatment is usually painless and effective, is normally covered by standard pet insurance and takes place at the Veterinary Clinic.